School is the most crucial place for a student, it helps us to learn new things and removes our fears. I have learnt a lot of things from Meridian school Madhapur. I joined in Meridian when I was in 3rdgrade and now, I am in 12th. When I look back, I was a shy, scared and amediocre student. I was scared to speak in any events or competition but now I am completely changed my teachers at Meridian gave me the courage n confidence to speak anywhere for the good. School is not a place where u go for getting good marks n get into some top colleges, it is a place where the foundation of our knowledge and morals are laid. I got the same kind of encouragement in sports as well I was a state level champion in skating when I was in 8th and now a basketball national player. I would like to thank Meridian school Madhapur for all the encouragement, confidence they have given me. Meridian school Madhapur has given me the confidence, qualities to be leader which helped me in basketball. Thank you, Meridian Family!!!

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