My experience at meridian has been a roller coaster of a ride. It feels just like yesterday I was walking into school, in my new uniform and not knowing anyone, yet from my first interaction with all my teachers and new friends is one that I vividly remember and hold dear. My journey has been filled with ups and downs, but more than those situations I remember the people around me, my teachers who went out of their way to prepare me for D-Day or more commonly known as the Board Exams. The memories made on the basketball court, the countless break periods going on a scavenger hunt for food, or even memories made over shared meals with friends. Meridian elevated me from a student to the position of Head Boy a post never thought I would hold. In retrospect writing this brings a smile to my face, a tear in my eye knowing that in a while I will be leaving school, which truly in all sense became my home away from home.

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