Vedant Bhatnagar Mathur

This is to express our experience of Meridian School Madhapur, Hyderabad as parents of Vedant Bhatnagar Mathur, who was (sadly, not ‘is’) a student of Meridian from Nursery till Grade 10. Now we’re moving out of India, so with a heavy heart I am writing this.

Vedant entered the school environment as a 3-year-old toddler in Nursery and passed out as a confident young adult from grade 10 in 21. We must say, Meridian was first a family to Vedant and then a school. His teachers across the years were like his mother’s away from home, taking care of everything from physical aspects (food, physical activity, occasional illness when he was a toddler) and growth aspects (extra curriculars, organizing events, sports, extending all feasible opportunities) to academic aspects (curricular, extra-curricular like projects, science fairs, you name it). As a parent, we always knew that Vedant is not just in good, but great hands at Meridian.

Physical aspects – teachers took every care of Vedant when he got hurt / felt unwell, informed parents and even took care of medication as required. They went out of their way to care, as their own children.
Growth aspects – Vedant was exposed to a lot of extra curriculars and took special interest towards public speaking events like Model United Nations , industry webinars (during lock downs) and football. Meridian ensured he got just right experience, including that of organizing such events, which I am sure will help him in future.
Academic support – While things were going good, or when things needed improvement, teachers paid detailed attention to Vedant and updated us of focus areas. They also travelled with Vedant and other group of children to science fairs in other cities.

And this is perhaps why, even a little Vedant never wanted to miss the school.

He still doesn’t. Given a choice, he’d have gone to the school, come sun, rain or lock downs. Even now, he wants to go to the school, sit in a class, be with teachers, just 1 more time.

Thank you, team Meridian. You toiled, yet smiled. You attended to our smallest of needs.

We hope, many more children benefit from you and pray, you always keep good health and experience happiness.

Warm Regards

Vaibhav Mathur (father) & Pooja Bhatnagar Mathur (mother)

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