Meridian School offers an experiential academic curriculum that prioritizes student needs. With interactive learning approaches, small class sizes, and a diverse range of elective subjects, we promote critical thinking and individualized attention. Technology integration enhances classroom experiences, while our balanced homework and assessment policies support student progress.

Our highly competent faculty undergo continuous development to provide a nurturing environment. Comprehensive assessments and a holistic approach prepare students for success. At Meridian, we prioritize student-centered education, equipping them with the skills for an evolving world.

We offer the internationally acclaimed IBPYP Curriculum from classes 1 to 5 and from classes 6 to 12, we follow the CBSE Curriculum. With an ideal class size of 18-30 students, we provide personalized attention and support. Our pedagogy combines theory and practicality, tailored to diverse learning styles. Our passionate teachers continually enhance their competencies through professional development. Our curriculum blend equips students for academic and personal success.

At Meridian, we provide a comprehensive academic curriculum that emphasises experiential learning and positions student needs first. We cultivate a culture of inquiry by encouraging students to participate actively in classroom discussions, to pose questions, and to pursue their individual interests. Our academic programme is designed to provide a well-rounded education by incorporating both academic and extracurricular activities. As a school, we take great delight in offering a wide variety of 11th-grade electives, including but not limited to legal studies, mass media, entrepreneurship, psychology, intellectual property, and computer science.


a) Pedagogy-

Meridian School acknowledges the significance of an intensive academic program that prioritizes the most effective pedagogical techniques in the education industry. As a result, we've created our own approach and methodology that celebrates learning by making it more interactive, thrilling, and engaging. Our curriculum is centered on the individual and fosters an environment that encourages students to investigate and discover the world through inquiry.

We have made a deliberate paradigm shift from traditional methods of curriculum delivery to more advanced and contemporary techniques. As opposed to relying solely on memorization, our institution promotes effective and efficient teaching methods that stimulate critical thinking and creativity. We encourage our students to take intellectual risks in order to ignite their analytical and critical thinking skills.

  b) Individual attention- We provide more than just an education at Meridian. Our institution is a close-knit learning community where we prioritise providing individualised care to each family based on their unique characteristics. Our commitment to putting learning at the centre of all our activities is unwavering, and we endeavour to help every member of our community embrace the learning process and make the most of every day. Our classes range between 15 and 25 students, ensuring that each student receives the individualised attention necessary for success.   

c) Teaching Learning, Transaction –Technology in the Classroom-

To create a learning environment that engages all students, we employ a combination of internationally acknowledged best educational practises and cutting-edge technological learning aids. Our incorporation of various digital learning tools in education has enabled us to utilise technology as an integral component of our lesson delivery, while also empowering instructors to create authentic learning experiences.

d) Teacher Competency-

 At our institution, our teachers are exceptionally proficient and have extensive experience in their respective fields. They are fully committed to their profession and possess a deep passion for teaching. Our faculty members partake in frequent training and professional development programs, which serve to augment their abilities and keep them informed on the latest advancements in teaching methodologies and technologies.

e) Homework and Assignment policy-

Our institution has a clearly articulated policy regarding homework and assignments. This policy is intended to supplement classroom instruction and encourage independent study. It is age-appropriate and seeks to prevent students from carrying an excessive amount of schoolwork.

f) Assessment Policy

We've created a comprehensive assessment policy that includes both formative and summative evaluations. Our assessments are designed to evaluate student comprehension and progress, and they provide students with constructive feedback to assist their incremental progress.

g) Beyond Academics-

At Meridian School, we firmly believe in providing a comprehensive education that goes beyond academic excellence. We provide numerous opportunities, including field trips, excursions, clubs, houses, internships and Model United Nations, for students to investigate their interests and develop their abilities.










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Secondary School

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