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Gaming as an upcoming Career

The gaming industry has been expanding its reach vastly in the past decade. Many people, children mostly, have started gaming and even earning while playing the games they like or are really good at. Gaming is emerging as a career of its own and this was not seen coming by the prior generations. At a […]

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The Significance of Communication

The ability to convey a message confidently and concisely is nothing less than a crucial skillone must have. In today’s day and age where the world is advancing non-stop at anadmirably accelerating speed, people have to upskill too. One of the most undeniablyprincipal skills that any person should have is social dynamics and communication. Well,why […]

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The supremacy of a few technology giants over all of our data, led to the creation of the bitcoin using the blockchain technology by a pseudonym called Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, Blockchain is a new architecture of building databases, where data is stored in blocks in a way that a continuous and interconnected chain of […]

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