Empowering Students as Life Savers: Meridian School's CPR and First Aid Training Program

  • Meridian School, in collaboration with Star Hospitals and the American Heart Association, organized a comprehensive training program for students in CPR, First Aid, and emergency response to medical situations. This day-long program aimed to equip students with essential life-saving skills. The training was facilitated by the Emergency Team of doctors from Star Hospitals, led by Dr. Ankita Chawla and Dr. Nikhil.

    During the program, students received intensive training in CPR and various First Aid techniques. The doctors shared their expertise and guided the students in acquiring the necessary knowledge and practical skills. As a testament to their achievement, the students were awarded certificates by the esteemed American Heart Association.

    The first batch of 50 students from Meridian School Banjara Hills participated in this training, emerging as skilled life-savers. With the completion of the program, the students demonstrated a heightened sense of confidence, expressing their readiness and ability to administer CPR and effectively handle medical emergencies.