Gaming as an upcoming Career

The gaming industry has been expanding its reach vastly in the past decade. Many people, children mostly, have started gaming and even earning while playing the games they like or are really good at. Gaming is emerging as a career of its own and this was not seen coming by the prior generations. At a point of time all of us have played games, but not everyone has played the game they like or at good at as something they want to really excel in and make it their career. This is the easiest career in the modern world. All you need to do is be exceptionally good at the game, stream it online and there you go, you will start having people who admire your gaming skills and will see your videos often to develop those skills which will be increasing your views and stream time, hence your earning from the platform you stream or post your videos on. Gaming has become so popular these days that the competitions have teams coming from many countries. This has become more like a national level sport now and I personally think that we should pay more attention to this field too. Many people will argue y prior statement and say that we should focus on the actual issues that need our attention and I don’t say we don’t, of course we do. But if practically seen, there is nothing a child can do in those issues. We can instead be excelling in this field which is not only something we can earn from at a young age but also something in which we can make our country’s team win if we get the chance. It is also scientifically proven that video games sharpen the mind of a person and help us improve our IQ levels. When games are played, a person needs to make decisions very quickly and this when done a lot makes the mind work faster and hence improving it. Not too long ago I myself wanted to be a gamer, but my family forced me out of it and this is the problem with many children. Their parents don’t support them much in this field and it is killing this career. Now I am not saying that we should completely leave our studies and focus on gaming, but we need a fair amount of time to be spent at both of them so we have a backup if gaming doesn’t work out for a person. We should start giving the gaming career the importance and attention it needs. In 2019, a 16-year-old named Kyle Giersdoef won the fortnite world cup and won 3 million dollars as the prize money. So well, now perhaps we should start taking this as something that can be a huge career in the very near future. Games like valorent, fortnite, call of duty have competitions yearly and cash prizes are given. These games not only get you cash when you win but when you play them you also have to use your mind at a really fast speed to make decisions about the match. This sharpens your mind and trains it to doing things at a faster speed. Just like everything in the world gaming has its side effects too. If taken in the wrong perception, the children get so indulged into the game that it starts having a negative toll on them. We need to know our limitations and play accordingly. There are many cases that children end up hurting themselves or hurting their parents get effected due to an argument that they had about gaming or the investment that the child wants to make into it and the parents disagree. We shouldn’t let that have a negative impact on us nor our parents or guardians. If taken in the right perspective, gaming is something that can excel in the near future.

Prachi Khurana

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