Program Collaborations

Meridian School Madhapur is a leading educational institution that strives to provide its students with opportunities to learn from and collaborate with various organizations and experts. Some of the notable collaborations that the school has are:


WE HUB: WE HUB is a state-run platform that supports women entrepreneurs in Telangana. Meridian School Madhapur has partnered with WE HUB to offer mentorship, training, and exposure to its students who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation.


– UNHCR for MERMUN: MERMUN is the annual Model United Nations conference organized by Meridian School Madhapur. The school has collaborated with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to raise awareness and funds for the refugee cause and to simulate the work of the UNHCR in the MERMUN committees.


– TEDx license for holding guest talks: Meridian School Madhapur has obtained a TEDx license to host TEDx events at the school premises. TEDx events are independently organized TED-like talks that feature speakers from various fields and backgrounds.