Ms. Sunita Saripally

Sunita Saripally is the High School Coordinator. She has more than 20 years of experience in the field of education. She has done her B.Ed and Masters in Applied Mathematics . She has many awards to her credit like the Super Leader Award and Best Teacher Award for recognition of her contribution in the field of Mathematics and Education.

She has immense knowledge, deep understanding and great enthusiasm for creative teaching and learning. She believes that it is the key to raising achievement, aspiration and motivation in students and will definitely result in bringing richness into the quality of education in the school. She is always working on the up gradation of her skills and knowledge and has contributed immensely in the development of the Math and Science curriculum of the school, taking it beyond the periphery of the textbook. Students have won many accolades in external competitions like SOF, NTSE, Math Olympiands etc.

The School’s results in the CBSE Examinations have never slipped below 80% on average with numerous Centums in Math, Social Science, English, Sanskrit, English. Each year sees better results as a result of concentrated coaching through quizzes, level-wise preliminary exams, exhaustive and well-made question banks.

She ensures that her team provides one-on-one assistance and counseling to students on a case-by-case basis. Her eagle eye ensures that each and every student is given the attention they need, from co-curricular opportunities to extra coaching and remediation. She ensures that Meridian provides the right blend of academic excellence and freedom of expression to its young students on the threshold of adulthood.

She has led her team of students and teachers to successfully conduct events like MERMUN – Meridian’s Model United Nations and CBSE Science Exhibition, among others. Under her tutelage, students have won many accolades in similar events conducted by other CBSE schools around Hyderabad.

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