Student Council is an important student-led body of the school and serves to engage students in learning about democracy and leadership.It provides them an avenue to identify a variety of issues affecting them and suggest innovative, yet implementable solutions. More importantly, they understand that they have a responsibility to be an active member of the Student Council, to be a “voice” for the students who voted for them.

Student Council members take a pledge to fulfil their duties and responsibilities with utmost sincerity and dedication – committing to devote their time and energy to help students, teachers and support staff to the best of their ability, and ensuring orderly, disciplined and enjoyable interactions in school.

Along with the main governing body, we also have heads of the following clubs as part of the student council.

  •  Social responsibility
  •  Interact
  •  Sports
  •  Food Committee
  •  Literary
  •  Cultural
  •  Eco-science

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