The Significance of Communication

The ability to convey a message confidently and concisely is nothing less than a crucial skill
one must have. In today’s day and age where the world is advancing non-stop at an
admirably accelerating speed, people have to upskill too. One of the most undeniably
principal skills that any person should have is social dynamics and communication. Well,
why is the simple word-of-mouth that cardinal?
The world has seen, and continues to see, numerous ground-breaking movements and
changes of all sorts. Major events of our history were the result of the perseverance and
determination of people, which only happened with a sense of oneness. This was possible
because of – that’s right – communication. People with an ideology used their power to
convince the masses. Even today, we live in a world where people value the right of free
speech so much. Why? Because it has the power to change lives.
What difference you make as an individual of today’s society, is based on how well you use
this oratory power. Not only do you impact people’s lives, but you also improve your own
social life, besides your professional excellence. People will value your opinions and ideas,
making you the strong personality you need to thrive.
Someone has rightly said that to be a good orator, you first need to be a good listener.
Knowing you are factually correct, or simply being consciously alert is what boosts your
confidence. A good speaker always has a confident head. With that, you should definitely
have the courage to say what is on your mind. That connection between your thoughts and
words cannot be broken. Another important element to good communication is body
language. Communication is not just about the words, but the experience you create – is
what captivates the audience, and creates an impression.
You need to fight your way through to get your way, no doubt. For that, being able to express
your thoughts and viewpoint is incredibly crucial. After all, you might have the ability to make
change and impact the world. Make it happen.

Sai Hrishika Bhaskar, 12A

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